Monday, September 12, 2011

Future Chapters

We're getting down to the end of Chapter 1 and it's time to really start thinking about what Chapter 2 will be. I probably should have this figured out long ago, but here we are. There is a lot to consider, and the next two weeks are going to introduce 2 more characters that will be major figures in the story moving forward. There is also the main storyline... though at this point that is not the top priority.

I think the best thing to do is to try and write another adventure that is similar in format to this first chapter (ie, a central villain, with a plot and the hijinks therein), but there are a few other aspects to the character that need to be served. Mainly the alter-ego, which currently presents a little bit of a problem in that I don't know how interesting it will be.

I do have rough outlines for another 4 or 5 chapters (and vague ideas for a few more) but none of them really seem like the good fit for the second installment. A couple focus on the backstory of The Trouble and Kid Fury, but I'm not ready to get into that quite yet, I like that it's something of an unknown that will get filled in as we go.

Anyway my goal is to avoid an interval between chapters 1 and 2, I guess I need to think up some kooky villian and then write something around him/her. Maybe I can even work a little alter-ego stuff in there as well.


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