Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sorry about the lack of blogs lately, we're in the process of setting up a brand new TTAD website that will include a blogging platform. That blog will be updated on much more regular basis and should include all sorts of interesting things, including a little bit of TTAD backstory. Now on to this years(?) entry.

I wanted to give a formal shout-out and thank you to Jason Bienvenu creator of The Kingdom graphic novel for featuring a Trouble and Dangerous ad in his forthcoming issue #4. Jason does some pretty incredible work on his book and is coming off of a successful Kickstarter Campaign for a 6 part mini-series. Definitely check out his stuff, the first couple issues are going in sale this May.

Here's the artwork for the ad, this actually turned out to be a fantastic turn of events, as it forced me to think a little, and make some decisions, about how the promotional materials where going to look. Anyway, thanks again Jason!


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RSS feed issue: I am seeing a formatting problem in the RSS feed that causes the FireFox browser using Live Bookmarks to always display the index page. The RSS feed provides this link:

And the comic is at this link:

It looks like the RSS feed is missing the chapter number in the link.

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